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FAQ about Shimano Liga

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Q: Do I have to participate in all the races, in order to join the fight for the overall league?
A: No you do not. You can ride as many or as few as you like. The only thing is that you do no collect points for the ones you do not participate.

Q: Will there be a joint score?
A: No, there will not. In all DCU and UCI classes (A+B are combined), there will be a joint score except for the MEN C class, which is the class for seniors.

Q: Can I buy a one-day license for the race?
One-day license can only be bought by contacting time@mtbliga.dk

Klippekort/licens (Danish riders only)
Deltagelse i Shimano Liga kræver gyldigt national licens. Det er dog muligt at deltage på såkaldt klippekort. Du kan læse om klippekort her: https://www.cyklingdanmark.dk/medlemmer/klippekort

P.t. er tilmeldingssystemet ikke opsat til at håndtere klippekort, så man skal kontakte time@mtbliga.dk for vejledning i tilmelding uden licens.
Det er IKKE muligt at anvende klippekort i Herre Elite og Dame Elite samt U19. Der kan ikke tegnes klippekort i forbindelse med eftertilmelding.

Q: Can you enrol on the day of the race?
A: Yes, it is possible for all non-UCI classes to enrol. Notice that it has to be done no later than one hour before your starting time. For the UCI classes; Men elite A, Women elite, and U19, you can enrol up to two hours before start. It is the same timeframe you have for the sign up and to collect your number plate for your bike.
Now remember, if you forget your license, you will not get permission to start!

Q: Will the various starts race on the same course
A: It depends on the individual organizer of the races. Regarding the races, the most frequent is that the first racer rides on a strongly reduced route with a lower degree of difficulty.
Therefore, if you are not in possession of a full license , but want to take part, on an official UCI-route – All you need is to sign up for one-day license. Men C is for beginners and intermediate. Women B is for beginners and intermediate.

Q: I have not bought a chip, what do I do?
A: You have to rent a chip on-site at day of the race. The price is 100 DKK!

Q: I have forgot to bring my own chip, can you help me?
A: You need rent a chip on-site at the day of the race. The price is 100 DKK!

Q: When does registration/sign up close?
A: The registration/sign up on race day closes 30 mins before your start.

We hope that the FAQ section has given you a better overview. As mentioned above, if this is not the case or you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us – info@mtbliga.dk